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Artillery Shells


A 24 pack of 3" shells. One of Great Grizzly's premium shells. This kit is perfect for the coriagrahed show. All shells a clearly marked and there's a great description and picture of each effect on the box. 


This kit has executed the old Excalibur shells. Pyro Planet provides Superior color and performance. If your used to the old standard you should definitely give these a try. 24 - 3" canister shells.

Aerial Assault

Aerial Assault features 36 shots. 16 ball shells and 20 large canister shells. This item has been a favorite in our BOGO section for years.

999 Nuggets

999 Nuggets features 42 different shells with 60 powerful breaks. 12 single break ball shells, 12 single break canister shells, 6 double break shells, 6 heavy load cylinder shells, and  6 triple break shells. Stop in and watch our video of the entire show. Amazing designs that will get all kinds of Oohhs and Ahhhs. 

Double Trouble

This kit feature single and double breaks - 36 shell and 48 breaks. The double breaks are a beautiful Beihai style break (simultaneous break).

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